Meth Minder is a revolutionary detection and monitoring system, developed and designed in New Zealand, that can detect if your property is being used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Meth, often called “P” for pure meth, is an easy drug to produce, requiring little more than a small heated surface, basic utensils and readily available ingredients. “P” can be cooked with ease in houses, motels, hotels, storage units and the like.

The process of cooking “P” is highly toxic, persistent, and extremely dangerous to health. So toxic and persistent in fact, that tens of thousands of dollars can be required to decontaminate any area exposed to the chemicals. Some properties can’t be saved and have to be demolished.

Alarmingly, more than half of the P-Labs discovered in the last five years in NZ have been in rented properties. Landlords of the affected properties not only face huge decontamination costs, but the law also requires police to report the property concerned to local councils. In the majority of instances a permanent public record of the P-Lab and contamination, is then made on the LIM report. A P-Lab can seriously devalue your property.

Designed by professional gas analysts and engineers, Meth Minder is a world-first in the detection and reporting of gases emitted in the “P” cooking process.

Similar in look and size to a smoke alarm, Meth Minder is visible to tenants. It is a stand alone self powered solution which communicates via the nation wide digital cell network. Fitted with multiple tamper sensors, our control room is notified if it is interfered with.

If a property is being used as a P-Lab, the Meth Minder will detect this activity and then send a silent message to the control room.

The monitoring team will then notify your nominated contact and the police. This makes Meth Minder the most effective deterrent available.

Of course the ideal scenario is that the presence of a Meth Minder will deter tenants from even contemplating cooking “P” in the first place.

Meth Minder is the affordable and effective solution.

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