Cooking meth and trashing a property takes a matter of hours!

The Insurance Council advises that as a minimum we should:

  • Vet tenants, and
  • Regularly inspect the property (3 months is the minimum inspection period.)

Many people don’t even do this!

When asked, professional property managers might add the following to the Insurance Council advice:

  1. Develop relationships with neighbours and leave contact details .
  2. Use trades people as ‘eyes and ears’.
  3. Insert clauses in tenancy agreement specifically relating to illicit drug use.

What the property industry typically does not like to tell people is this;

Each year, hundreds of properties are used as meth labs even when owners and property managers adopted some or all of these Property Management practices!!!

How do these practices prevent the following events from taking place?

  • Coercion of a ‘good’ tenants into use of the property for meth cooking purposes by familiy members, partners, friends, drug suppliers
  • Complete removal of the evidence of meth being cooked in the 48 hours notice you are required to give for access to the property under the RTA.
  • Changes in personal circumstances that mean a previously good tenant who has been in the property for years turns to cooking meth (Check ‘Happy Christmas from a meth Cook’ on our Meth Lab Blog to see the consequences of this happening!).
  • Bailing to the property by the Courts of people involved with Methoften with no right to be there or reference to the property owner or manager.

Smart operators install MethMinder! With MethMinder in a property, the risks associated with the limitations in current property management practices are compensated for.

You are exposed to this risk!
Do not become another victim!
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