Meth Minder is a stand alone device, powered by long life batteries, which communicate wirelessly via the national digital cell network. No power or phone connection required. In simple terms, Meth Minder monitors the surrounding atmosphere within which it is placed.

Meth Minder is also fitted with an array of anti tamper alarms which are continuously monitored by the control room.  MethMinder silently contacts the control room if a P- lab is detected, or the device is tampered with. Adopting this approach will dramatically reduce or even eliminate the risk of contamination from meth manufacture on the premises.

Tenants are informed from the outset, that the property is monitored by Meth Minder, along with the consequences and charges they will face, if they tamper with the device.

In the event of alarm activation, the monitoring team will then notify your nominated contact and the police if required. This makes Meth Minder the most effective deterrent available.

Of course, the ideal scenario is that the presence of a Meth Minder will deter tenants from even contemplating cooking meth in the first place.

Meth Minder the affordable and effective solution.

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