Clandestine Drug Laboratories
Environment Health Quarterly Report, 2004 Vol. 7, Issue 3

A Landlords Obligations : Rental properties used in the manufacture of methamphetamine (P)
Department of Building and Housing, T74 06/04

How to identify a clandestine drug lab NZ Police  Hazard Identification & Safety Information

Some disturbing facts about P Labs

Information provided by the National Drug Intelligence Bureau tells us that:

  • P Lab discovery has continued to increase year on year
  • Of the P Labs that were discovered, more than half were in rented accommodation
  • More than 50% of all P Labs had residents living at the premises
  • 33% of residences had children living at them
  • Only 40% of P Labs found were a direct result of drug-related policing
  • – 22% of P Labs were discovered by the public
    – Weapons were found at 33% of P Labs

Furthermore P Lab offender demographics are not what landlords expect – with the vast majority of recorded offenders being European (63%) and older 31-45 (55%).

Whilst these figures show trends, it is estimated that these statistics are indicative of less than 20% of the actual offending that is taking place in New Zealand.

The massive increase in illegal pseudoephedrine capture by customs at the boarders, up 1200 % over the last 5 years, is a better indicator of the drugs rapid growth in New Zealand.

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