“P” is now a billion dollar industry in New Zealand, a great deal of the drug is made in rental properties and motels.

The expense, risk and heartache of having your rental property turned into a P-Lab, is now avoidable with the installation of a MethMinder monitored device.

Advantages of a MethMinder in your rental property:

  1. Offers the most advanced protection against P-Lab contamination available.
  2. Discourages tenants who may be inclined to manufacture “P” on the premises.
  3. Provides the confidence of a healthy home to current and future occupants.
  4. Guards against LIM report notification, which can seriously devalue your property.
  5. Eliminates hefty decontamination and clean-up costs.
  6. Makes it easier to attract good tenants and guards them against coercion.
  7. Provides a cleaner, healthier environment making it attractive to tenants.
  8. Reduces the risk of selecting the wrong tenant to live in your rental property.
  9. Adds value to your investment.

 Authorities  that are aware, are very supportive of Meth Minder, believing it is a powerful new weapon in the battle against the “P”epidemic. The more properties protected by Meth Minder, the harder it will be for P- Labs to be established. This will lead to a decrease in the drug’s availability on the streets of New Zealand.


P- Labs and the people associated with them are part of a culture of unimaginable deceit and violence. If you have suspicions regarding a property, do not attempt to intervene. Call the authorities!

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