Why you need to act now!

  • Hotels and Motels are prime targets for meth cooks
  • Proactively managing meth lab risk offers real opportunities to increase revenue
  • Cooking meth is quick and takes very little equipment
  • Methlabs can be concealed in suitcases
  • The fumes and residues produced when “P” or meth is cooked are highly toxic – presenting risks to staff and patrons
  • Units or rooms used as “P” labs and those adjacent to them cannot be used until professionally decontaminated
  • Costs and losses can run into the tens of thousands
  • Use as a ‘P’ lab gets put on the property’s LIM  – devaluing your business
  • Smart operators will make meth testing a condition of purchase
  • Insurance will not cover loss of property value, damage to neighbouring units or rooms, or provide personal protection

Sources: National Drug Intelligence Bureau, NZ Herald, Department of Building and Housing

The solution:
Meth Minder monitoring system

  • Silently protects, 24/7, from less than $1 per day – a small price to pay for peace of mind. Contact us to discuss pricing
  • The best deterrent on the market
  • Proactively managing meth lab risk will attract law abiding guests who are concerned about meth contamination
  • Once people are aware everybody is concerned about meth contamination
  • Smart operators make all patrons aware of the risks of meth contmaination allowing them to increase occupancy rates and income

You are exposed to this risk!
Take advantage of the opportunities do not become another victim!
Call 0800 638 464 to discuss your options.

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