Meth Minder’s special sensor technology continuously measures the atmosphere looking for a specific highly flammable, toxic gases released during the cook and salting phase of P manufacture. Extremely low exposure levels to these gases make the manufacture of P highly destructive contaminating contact surfaces and atmospheres.

Meth Minder is capable of detecting very low gas levels that initiates the alarm function. With remotely adjustable, multiple set-points. Meth Minder can pre-alert its alarm monitoring centre on detection of the unique gases that are produced during the P cooking process, ensuring very high system integrity. Remote sensor set points allows for complete flexibility matching environmental conditions.

MethMinder is installed through a national network of professional tradespoeple. Having the MethMinder unit visible will actively deter potential offenders from even contemplating starting the cooking process on the premises.

Inbuilt tamper sensors alert the alarm-monitoring centre if the Meth Minder unit is moved, covered or interfered with.

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